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Lola® Brand Scrubbing Brushes are all designed to make it easier to grip, brush and clean surfaces. Great for Bath, Tile, Carpet and many other spots in the home that get real dirty with baked on grime or stains that need a little extra "push" to get cleaned up. Grout is not a place you want discolored, use scrubbers to get the dirt or colored substance removed. Wine is a killer on carpets, use one of our scrub brushes with some Parker & Bailey stain remover to return to new. We design our scrubbing products with easy to grip handles and our nail brushes with side gripping action all in an effort to give leverage and force you cant get otherwise. Save your fingers, hands and knuckles from getting scraped or sore with Lola® Brand scrubbing products. At certain times, all you need is some warm water to assist your cleaning task, other times a cleaning solution may be needed. Either way, Lola helps you clean easy - since 1965.