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Welcome to Lola Brand's "Quick Cleaning" Category. Featured in this section are products designed to make cleaning fast and easy! Included here are Swiffer® compatible Dry and Wet Mop Cloth Refills, Mr. Clean® Magic Eraser® Comparable Rubaway™ Eraser Pads and Swiffer® Sweeper® comparable Dry and Wet Cloth Mop Starter Kit. Lola® Brand Dry Sweeping Mop Cloth Refills are made of the highest quality 2-ply non-woven cloth material designed with mini-triangular grooves designed to trap and capture dust, dirt, lint, and human/pet hair in every corner of your house or apartment. They are 100% safe and non-scratch for use cleaning and mopping virtually any type of hard flooring surface. Our brand of cloths are 100% Swiffer® Sweeper® Compatible making for a quality cloth at a VERY affordable price. When using dry mop refills, the costs can mount, but with Lola you save big! Lola's Wet Mopping Cloth Refills have advanced cleansers and a scrubber strip to lock dirt deep into the cloth, safe for multiple floor types including finished wood, linoleum, tile, laminates, marble and vinyl Our Rubaway™ Eraser Pads powerfully remove soap scum, scuff marks, ink, crayon, dirt, grease and so much more. They also eliminate the need for chemicals. Works great on many surfaces inside and outside the home; including walls, floors, tile, patio furniture, etc. Our Wet & Dry Sweeper Floor Mop Starter Kit is comparable to Swiffer® Sweeper® and the only mop of its kind with an extendable/retractable handle for cleaning convenience and easy storage. COMPARE OUR PRICES WITH OTHER POPULAR BRAND NAME PRODUCTS - You'll Love the SAVINGS with Lola! Swiffer® and Swiffer Sweeper® are registered trademarks of The Proctor & Gamble Company. This product is not manufactured by Proctor and Gamble, makers of Swiffer® and Swiffer Sweeper®.