Wowables, Swedish Dish Cloths on a Roll, Reusable & Biodegradable Paper Towels, 30 Count Roll


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Wowables, "SWEDISH DISH CLOTHS on a ROLL", Reusable & Biodegradable Paper Towels

We took a Sponge and Paper Towel, left them alone for a bit, and the next thing we knew WOWABLES® was born! 


Product Picks named Wowables® the “Best Swedish Dish Cloth, see here.

The Charlotte Observer named Wowables “The Most Eco-Friendly Swedish Dish Cloth”, see here.

At a 10.625” x 9.75” sheet size, Wowables are an 86% larger sheet and absorb 10% more weight in liquid (22x compared to 20x for standard 8” x 7” Swedish Dish Sloths).

Save Big $$ - Save on average of 50% with Wowables compared to the most popular Swedish Dish Cloths. And of course significant savings compared to disposable paper towels (see below)

WATCH: Our absorbency test versus disposable paper towels here

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INKS -Wowables® use natural pigmentation dyes and the process to color the fabric is a proprietary process that allows maximum color saturation, all certified to meet international Oeko-Tex Standard 100, no harmful ingredients added.

  • One 30 Count Roll
  • Each sheet is 9.75" x 10.625" - significantly larger than standard paper towels
  • A 30 Count Roll of Wowables® saves the average family of 4 up to $500/year and up to $14,000 over a lifetime* when compared to disposable paper towel usage
  • One 30 Count roll of Wowables® = up to 216 Rolls of Regular Paper Towels*
  • One 30 count roll replaces up to 13,260 Disposable Paper Towel Sheets
  • 100% Biodegradable and Compostable (3rd Party Verified) - unlike standard dish cloths
  • Don't be fooled into believing Un-Paper Towels or bamboo alternatives are eco-friendly - they are not biodegradable and compostable
  • Wowables® meet the stringent Oeko-Tex® Standard
  • Wowables® are made of 70% Wood Pulp and 30% Unbleached non-GMO Cotton. They are free of any harmful chemicals unlike microfiber & bamboo which both contain synthetics, and regular paper towels which are bleached white. Even our inks are all natural!
  • Made with Dry-Tek™ technology - Our fast-drying technology helps inhibit the growth of odor causing bacteria
  • Fits Standard Paper Towel Holders
  • 10% more absorbent than standard 8” x 7” Swedish Dish Cloths
  • Up to 4x More Absorbent than an average paper towel -3rd Party Tested
  • Up to 5x Stronger than the average paper towel - 3rd Party Tested
  • Market's Best Reusable Paper Towels
  • DON'T USE RAGS as an alternative to regular paper towels. Why? They need to be washed after each usage, and if not washed, they take very long to dry and will harbor bacteria because they weren't washed.
  • Use to Clean the Kitchen, Bath, Windows, Garage and Floor. Use in place of disposable paper towels everywhere you and your family use them. Wowables® are also great used as your reusable, better cleaning pad for floors, just use a Wowable® sheet instead of the disposable expensive Swiffer®* Dry Sweeper Mop Refills. Wowables® are a more absorbent pad on your Swiffer® or other Dry Mop Sweeper Mops anyway, so it's a win-win. Both of these usages will save you big $$$ throughout the year!
  • Just Use, Rinse, Wring-Out and Repeat!
  • Food contact safe - 3rd party verified
  • Each Perforated Sheet can be used over and over and over again, lasting weeks or longer (depending on household usage)
  • Longer lasting than BAMBOO alternatives
  • Ultra-Absorbent and "Wicks" Faster than average paper towels meaning speedier clean ups
  • Just RINSE Between Uses, and when it’s time to be fully cleansed, it's DISHWASHER and MACHINE WASHABLE (best cleaned in Cold Cycle when mixed with Clothes but we recommend washing it by itself). Let it air dry, do not tumble dry.
  • Save Landfills (In the USA alone, our abuse of regular paper towels contributes 3,000 Tons of Waste to our Landfills DAILY). - That's about the weight of 3000 economy cars.
  • Open jars and remove lids easier with a sheet of Wowables
  • Also Great for Paint Clean Up
  • NO CORE- unlike standard paper towels
  • Use with or without your favorite cleaner
  • Lint Free Cleaning
  • Use Dry top pick up spills but damp for general cleaning
  • Use One Sheet Over and Over for Drying out Produce and Vegetables
  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee (see this link for more details)
  • Not needing all those disposable paper towels- think of all the space you'll save in the closet.
  • In addition to all the stats above, the average person uses 2,400 - 3,000 regular paper towels at work per year, that the equivalent of 50 plus rolls.
  • For proper results please refer to our Use & Care Instructions
  • Our manufacturing plant also captures, cleans and reuses its own water supply
  • If you want to save even more $$$, check out our 30 count.

Aren't you tired of the use and abuse of regular paper towels in your household? Have you ever took the time to think about how many regular paper towels you use and how much money you spend on them per year? In The USA alone, "Big Paper Towel" is an over $6 Billion/Year industry. Entire store aisles devoted to them at supermarkets (what other product can claim that?). Our addiction to regular paper towels is conditioned in us at this point, we are at the store weekly etc., purchasing more. We use them for all kinds of clean-ups and then throw them away after only one use. Many of the times needing many sheets to accomplish the goal. There hasn't been a viable alternative to the paper towel in over 100 years, UNTIL NOW!

We are not REPLACING the Paper towel - we are IMPROVING IT.

With Wowables®, you don't throw a sheet away every time you use it, like you do a regular disposable paper towel sheet. You use it for all your cleaning needs, then simply rinse out as needed and use again and again and again. And it’s not done yet, a simple cleaning in the dishwasher or washing machine in colder cycles brings it back to "like new". It's one of those "finally made it to market" products.

*The average family of 4 uses 104 rolls of regular paper towels/year, at approx. $208/year (do the math yourself). But with the 12 count Wowables® roll, on average, a family will save up to $200 on standard paper towel usage and over a lifetime you can save up to $14,000 - NOW THAT'S HUGE! And if you use Wowables on your Swiffer or other Dry Sweeper Mops, add even more BIG savings on top of this!

**Swiffer® Sweeper® is a registered trademark of The Procter & Gamble Company

Disposable Paper Towels are over-used in American society because of mass consumer conditioning through massive marketing campaigns saying using and immediately throwing a sheet out is "easiest". But is it? Why can't we use a sheet, rinse it out and place it in the sink instead? That's pretty easy as well. Disposable Paper Towels have become such a landfill nightmare. Did you know that 544,000 trees would be salvaged per year if each US family used 1 fewer rolls of disposable paper towels. It takes seventeen trees and 20,000 gallons of water are polluted to manufacturer only 1 Ton of disposable paper towels. And 120,000 tons of waste could be saved if each USA household utilized 3 fewer rolls/year, in addition, it would eliminate $4,100,000 in landfill dumping fees. Each tree has huge value, let's appreciate the reusable.

With Wowables® usage, you are making the important decision to stop all the waste, get a better product and save yourself lots of money in the process.