Lola Pro Pot n' Pan Brush


SKU: 532

  • Poly and Brasswire Abrasive Bristle Brush with Comfort Rubber Non-Slip Grip
  • Made for Heavy Duty Cleaning of Pots, Pans and Cast Iron
  • Perfect For Caked On, Baked On Messes
  • Do Not Use on Coated or Non Stick Surfaces - Brass Bristles are Highly Abrasive
  • 5 YEAR GUARANTEE - Against Defects in Material & Workmanship (excludes Wear n' Tear)

Lola Brand has been developing household cleaning products since 1969. It all started with our popular Wood Brushes but quickly evolved into sponges, scourers, mops and brooms. We pride ourselves on our own brands, ones you can trust. And, although we didn't invent the Swiffer® line of cleaning tools, we do manufacturer a comparable line of sweeper mops, 360 style dusters, dry and wet sweeper refills -  that all get the job done but more economically. We can price better not having the $100 million plus yearly marketing budget - its that simple. Give us try, you and your pocketbook will be glad that you did!    

*Swiffer® and Swiffer® 360° Duster are registered trademarks of The Procter & Gamble Company.

These products are neither produced nor distributed by Procter and Gamble, owners of the registered trademarks Swiffer® and Swiffer® 360 Duster.