WORKING WITH SUNSHINE: Sunlight As An Effective Cleaning Alternative

WORKING WITH SUNSHINE: Sunlight As An Effective Cleaning Alternative

The world has produced countless powerful, yet expensive cleaning products using advanced chemical technology and sophisticated ingredients, all which effectively aide with many of our daily cleaning jobs. However, there are natural ways to clean that we should not live without.

Fortunately, many of our cleaning problems can be easily tackled with the powers and wonders of our glorious sun. The sun can do things man simply cannot.  We wonder why cleaning products aren’t working after countless uses. These products are made famous on television or over the internet with massive ad campaigns, but still the problems go unsolved. So, maybe the answer is simply peeking through our windows.

Truth of the matter, sunlight is the most natural way of dealing with drying and/or disinfecting. This method surely served its purpose for many households not so long ago, and many people still prefer sunshine over modern technology.

Sunlight as Natural Disinfectant

Sunlight is a traditional alternative to disinfect unlike harsh bleaches used in many commercial cleaning products, which are very damaging to the environment. In fact, natural and direct sunlight is one of the most powerful and natural “bleaches” known to mankind.  

Sunlight as a Natural Anti-fungal

Leaving objects under direct sunlight will also help reduce mold and mildew. All bedding and upholstery put outside to be aired dry under direct sunlight for a few hours will be disinfected by nature. Sunlight can potentially kill spores, so goodbye to mold and mildew.

Get Rid of Bed Bugs

Did you know that many insects and parasites can be easily killed off or driven away by the warmth of the sun? That is why sun drying is effective in battling bed bugs and other critters from infesting your pillows and bed sheets.  Freshen your pillows and sheets by putting them under the sun, surely, the bugs and odors will be gone.

Remember, sunshine is not just beneficial to plants, but is equally able to aide in the cleanliness of your home and the health and well-being of your family and loved-ones.
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