With these Cleaning Tools, You'll Never need to Use Cleaning Agents and Chemicals ever again!

With these Cleaning Tools, You'll Never need to Use Cleaning Agents and Chemicals ever again!

Cleaning agents and cleaning equipment are considered as complementary of one another in the fight against dirt and grime on hard-surfaces. But is it possible to clean effectively with only one of them but without the other?

Imagine only having cleaning agents at home and nothing to wipe or scrub surfaces, seems impossible right? But a brush or a cleaning cloth without any chemicals? IT IS ABSOLUTELY DO-ABLE and here we are to explain how you can ace cleaning along with a list of Lola’s cleaning products.

If you still want to use cleaning agents after everything that we will be discussing, it’s totally fine. The purpose of this article is to assure those that do not want to use these cleaning agents or are not capable of buying a steady supply of chemical cleaners. 


This biodegradable and eco-friendly cleaning cloth is made free from harmful chemicals and with fast drying technology to prevent the growth of odor-causing bacteria. It is perfect for almost all surfaces around the house.

This cleaning cloth is super absorbent, durable, and not dependent on cleaning agents. In fact, you can use it directly on dirt, stains, or other substances. Just rinse and dry it afterwards then you can use it for another time! Unlike paper towels and cleaning rags that can easily dissolve or tear apart after multiple use and can harbor bacteria if you don’t wash it very thoroughly.

With this tool, we help you save money because you don’t have to buy cleaning agents anymore and lessen the hassle of cleaning because it is surely durable, effective, and reusable. Plus, you are helping us save the planet because this product is made environment-friendly!

Lola Rola Sticky Mop™

This one is an all-around mop that makes cleaning comfortable and enjoyable. Its large replaceable adhesive mop head makes it similar to a cordless vacuum due to its powerful cleaning and dirt collecting capabilities without the need for cleaning agents!

Our Lola Sticky Mop is perfect for collecting pet fur and for cleaning different surfaces in your home and even inside your vehicle. It also has a steel handle made long enough to help reach high areas, narrow corners and gaps.

Anti-Microbial Clean n’ Wipe™ Cloth

Made highly absorbent and odor resistant, this cloth is a perfect alternative for conventional paper towels because unlike its paper counterpart, this one is already treated with antimicrobial agents so using chemicals when cleaning with it is not a must. It is also reusable and just needs to be washed every after use.

Lola 360° Duster Kit

Compared to the traditional feather duster, Lola’s Swiffer duster traps more harmful dust and allergens from your furniture and appliances even without spraying any cleaning chemicals. It is extendable for up to 3 feet and it can be held comfortably with its ergonomic hand gripper. You can also bend it into four different positions for a more efficient cleaning.

Bath and Tile Scrubber

The bath is one of the hard-to-clean places around our house. But with this scrubber, we’ll make it super easy for you even without using bleach or cleaning detergent. It is as if magic was done to your shower, tub or any porcelain or tiled surface!

What’s more interesting about it is that it is designed to be gentle on surfaces so it won’t leave a scratch or damage. With this cleaning tool, you can finish the task at hand without doubts or hesitation.
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