Useful Tips to Easily Clean Your Humidifier

Useful Tips to Easily Clean Your Humidifier

If you have allergies, you may already use a humidifier in your home to help reduce your symptoms and make breathing easier. Unfortunately, many people are often too busy or forgetful to clean the humidifier on their own, which can result in mold and bacteria buildup that not only ruins the aesthetics of your home but can also damage your health and make allergies even worse. And let's admit it, cleaning a humidifier can seem like a difficult task, especially if you dont know where to start. Luckily, there are simple steps you can take, and readily available household items you can use, to clean your humidifier so that its as clean and sanitary as possible. 

Why should you clean your humidifier?

Cleaning a humidifier will not only make it more efficient, but also extend the life of the unit. A humidifier works by drawing in cold air, mixing it with water and then blowing warm, moist air into the room. The minerals and contaminants in tap water will build up over time on the inside surfaces of the humidification unit and may also grow mold if left unchecked. This will eventually lead to decreased efficiency as well as increased energy use due to higher than necessary humidity levels. 

What should you do daily and weekly?

On a daily basis, simple towel-drying, and filling the humidifier's tank with fresh water are enough to stop the formation of mold and other impurities. The tank and the base's well require a more thorough cleaning and sanitizing once every week. In accordance with the manufacturer's recommended timetable, replace filters and wicks.

What do you need and how to use them?

Easy! You only need the following:

Step 1: Remove the tank from the base

To the well of the base, add either 1 cup of white vinegar or 1/2 cup each of water and vinegar.

Step 2: Use the gentle cleaning tool

Scrub scale out of nooks and crannies in the well. Rinse until there is no more vinegar odor. Towel dry with the microfiber cleaning cloth.

Step 3: Add vinegar solution into the tank

Pour 1 cup each of white vinegar and water into the tank, then cover it. After covering the tank, leave it to soak for 20 minutes while occasionally swishing or shaking. Remove solution from container and rinse until odor is gone. Do the final towel drying with the microfiber cloth.

Humidifiers can be great for keeping your home or office from feeling too dry during the winter months, and to some extent, they are a necessary comfort item already. But like everything else in your home, youll need to clean them regularly to maintain their cleanliness and performance over time since they can become filthy, moldy cesspool if regular cleaning and maintenance are not performed. You wouldn't want to be breathing in that kind of stuff. With the simple steps above to easily clean your humidifier, you are definitely on track to keep it running smoothly all year long.

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