Ultimate guide to cleaning your shower head

Ultimate guide to cleaning your shower head

Ultimate Guide to Cleaning your Shower Head

Imagine coming home from a long and stressful day at work and all you’re looking forward to is a hot and steamy shower. However, when you turn on the shower, water sprays unevenly and shoots in different directions because the holes are clogged with hard mineral deposits.

The mineral deposits, composed of calcium, lime, silica and more, are unattractive and although harmless, reduce the overall performance of your shower experience leaving you unsatisfied. So, what exactly can you do to get rid of these hard water stains?

While there are so many products claiming to remove calcium and hard water deposits, you only need some commonly used household products which are effective and safe to the environment. Below are some ways to effectively get rid of the mineral deposits that are clogging your shower heads using the aforementioned household products, so the water can flow freely and at full blast.

Break Down with Vinegar

Just like baking soda, vinegar is another super-agent that can do wonders. It’s inexpensive and readily available. The acetic acid in white vinegar proactively dissolves the mineral deposits that are blocking the passageways of your shower head.

Basically, there are two ways to clean your shower heads.

Method 1

  1. Remove shower head and wipe debris as much as possible with a non-scratch scouring sponge.
  2. Fill bowl with vinegar, enough to cover the entire shower head.
  3. Soak the fixture overnight for great results.
  4. Brush the loosen debris with a Flexible Scrub Brush.
  5. Rinse with water and reinstall fixture back to its original place.

Method 2

  1. Grab a Ziploc or any sandwich bag and an elastic band
  2. Fill the bag with white vinegar and with an elastic or rubber band, fasten the bag to the fixture. Make sure the shower head is fully submerged in the vinegar.
  3. Let shower head sit with the vinegar overnight and rinse with water.

If you are still having issues with hard to remove stubborn stains, you can soak your shower head even longer to get rid of the mineral deposits. You may also use baking soda together with vinegar for quick acting results. Keep in mind, cleaning your shower head on a regular basis will keep the clean water flowing and give you a better shower experience! 😁

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