The Six Most Surprising Items in Your Home Where Bacteria Thrive

The Six Most Surprising Items in Your Home Where Bacteria Thrive

Six Things in Your House that Need Cleaning Right Now!

You have been very busy cleaning your kitchen, bathroom, and living room, but sometimes we tend to forget some areas that are notorious for collecting dust and germs, making them a perfect hotspot for bacteria and viruses to thrive. Consider this: Pollutants and toxins don’t just exist outdoors, but in the comfort of your home too.

It is important to know how these germs affect our daily living and to be aware how these common things are putting you and your loved ones at risk and could trigger allergies, asthma or much worse to that.

The truth of the matter is, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, about 48 million Americans are suffering from food-borne and common cold illnesses due to germ buildup in our homes. Being sick can derail our lives even for just a short period of time. Below are six common things in your home that can be making you sick.

Your Can Opener

Chances are, we are all guilty of this. After opening up a can, we usually return our can opener back to our drawer and we do this over and over again. Little did you know, mold and germs thrive in these areas due to food residue. So before returning them back to the drawer, consider washing them with soap and water, dry accordingly and store.

Your Bed Sheets

Your pristine and comfy sheets are a hotbed for dust mites. These tiny insects can suck up blood and in turn cause you to develop common colds, allergies or worse-hay fever. To prevent this from happening, open your windows and allow the sun and air to come into your room and of course, wash your sheets regularly.

Shower Head

Nothing beats a hot stream of water after work, but a shower head full of bacteria like Mycobacterium Avium kind of defeats the purpose. Once inhaled or swallowed, it may cause the following symptoms like persistent cough, difficulty of breathing and generalized fatigue. To avoid, clean your showerhead regularly with vinegar or simply replace it every 6-8 months.

Vacuum Cleaner

The best vacuum has a HEPA filter which filters 99 percent of the particulates that are suspended in the air. When you vacuum, the machine collects dust and sucks the air and expels the air. Without these efficient filters, you could be putting yourself in danger and may trigger allergies and other respiratory ailments. Therefore, if your vacuum doesn’t have a HEPA filter, consider replacing it with a machine that has filter in it.

Anti-slip Bath Mat

Your ultra-soft bath mat is another hotspot for mold, dust mite and bacteria. Don’t be deceived by their fluffiness because they too can promote allergies and common colds. The solution is, clean your bath mat every week and consider drying yourself with a towel while inside the tub or shower, so to avoid getting too much water onto a mat.

Your Kitchen blender

According to recent studies, blenders are among the most microbe-infested items in your home. Sure, you love making protein shakes and smoothies, because you are trying to be fit and fab, but if you don’t clean your blender well, you are allowing nasty bacteria like E. Coli and Salmonella to enter your system. The quick remedy is to clean your blender thoroughly with warm and soapy water. Don’t forget the rubber gasket found at the bottom of your blender, as it needs some cleaning too after each use.

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