The Right Way to Clean Your Toaster

The Right Way to Clean Your Toaster

Admit it, one of the many appliances we all forget (or intentionally ignore) to clean is the toaster. Although it is something that we use every single day for our morning bagels and whatnot, we only realize how important to give it some tender loving care only when a trail of crumbs has already started to build up underneath.

For this reason, it is necessary to learn the right way of cleaning a toaster so it's free from crumb build-up. It can even be done in just 5 minutes and will only require supplies that are already in the comfort of your home, like mild dish soap and lemon juice. So, when you're ready to get scrubbing, here's our step-by-step guide on how to clean your toaster, and how often you should do it.

Up first, make sure to unplug your toaster and if you've just used it, let it cool down. To prepare for cleaning, place some newspaper or used easel sheets underneath. This also goes without saying, but you should never put your toaster in the dishwasher to clean it under any circumstances.

If you have a crumb tray (i.e., a small panel at the base of your toaster), remove it carefully. Wash it in warm soapy water then let it completely dry out. If your toaster has no crumb tray, you may skip this step.

Bring your toaster to your trash can or sink and gently invert and shake it to remove any other crumbs caught inside.

Next, tip your toaster on its side and inspect its insides. Use a pastry brush or a Lola® "The Original" Tampico Vegetable & Dish Brush™to gently give the elements inside a scrub to dislodge any remaining crumbs. Even when it's already unplugged, never ever put your fingers inside the toaster for safety purposes.

In case stubborn residue is still left inside, dampen the brush with water or white vinegar to add more cleaning power. But be careful not to overwet the brush to avoid damaging the toaster. To be safe, better check your toaster’s manual first to see if this is okay for the toaster.

Repeat Step 3 and invert the toaster again to shake off any crumbs you’ve just dislodged with the brush.

Once done with cleaning the inside, proceed into making the outside sparkling clean. Start by using a damp Lola® Cellulose Sponge Clothwith some dish soap to give the outside a gentle scrub. This will remove any unsightly splatters and fingerprints. Rinse away the soap with a damp Lola® Jumbo Microfiber Cleaning Cloth and buff. If your toaster's externals are made of stainless steel, you can also use a microfiber cloth dampened with white distilled vinegar to give it some polished look.

Before re-assembling your toaster and plugging it back in, make sure that all of its parts are completely dry.

The above guide is meant for deep cleaning your toaster, which you may need to do at least once a week, or at the onset of seeing hard-on crumbs inside. But after each use, it's also better if you'd take on some simple tasks like shaking off the crumbs inside and wiping visible stains. In doing so, you're already on the right path to extending your toaster's life span.

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