The Definitive Guide to Cleaning a Shower Head

The Definitive Guide to Cleaning a Shower Head

If you’re like most people, your shower head accumulates plenty of dust and grime on its way through your daily shower routine. While this doesn’t pose much of a problem when the water pressure is still high, the force will begin to wane, and it can actually become uncomfortable to use if you let it go too long without cleaning it out. Luckily, cleaning out your shower head doesn’t have to be an extremely difficult task, especially if you follow these steps for how to clean a shower head the right way. 

Step 1: Buy the right cleaner.

There are many different options for shower head cleaners in today’s market, so your first step is figuring out which product will work best with your specific model. You can usually find one that is recommended by your manufacturer or use an internet search engine and read reviews of different products. You may have heard of vinegar as an effective cleaner, but it should be used only in certain types of shower heads. The same applies to baking soda. If you aren’t sure what type of cleaner you need, visit your local hardware store and consult with their staff about what would be best suited for your model.

Step 2: Disassemble.

Remove as many parts from your shower head as possible. This could include detaching all of your attachments and hoses, or unscrewing everything and removing washers. The more pieces you remove, the easier it'll be to clean each individual piece separately. You may even consider removing entire sections of tubing or doing a complete disassembly in order to clean all areas thoroughly. Be sure that all attachments are separate so they don't get wet during cleaning, otherwise you risk water damage.

Step 3: Spray away.

To clean off any scum that is stuck on your shower head, mix your preferred cleaner with water. It will begin foaming up at which point you can begin spraying down your shower head. Be sure to spray it all over making sure that you clean down each part of it well before rinsing everything off and drying with a Lola® All-Purpose Cloth. This should get rid of any mold or gunk that may be built up on your shower head making it look brand new again!

Step 4: Rinse and re-assemble.

Rinsing is essential for removing all of those leftover cleaning particles from your shower head. After you’ve given your new shower head a good rinsing, it’s time to reassemble it. Your manufacturer’s manual will walk you through how to reattach each component and which order things should go back in. And remember, if your shower head still doesn’t look as clean as it did when it was brand new, repeat steps 1–3 again. It may seem like an unnecessary hassle, but these old shower heads can harbor dangerous microbes that can cause infections.

Step 5: Consider installing a new shower head.

Upgrading your shower head can do more than clean up soap scum and other grime that’s built up over time. It can also help you save money on water and gas costs—as well as protect yourself from harmful chemicals like chlorine, which may be leaking into your home through your shower head. With an eco-friendly shower head, you won’t have to worry about waking up in the morning with dry eyes or skin that has been stripped of its natural oils.

Most people ignore their shower heads, and that’s because it takes quite a bit of effort to clean one out. However, the benefits of keeping your shower head clean make it well worth the effort, which you’ll find out as soon as you start doing it the right way, with the steps above!

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