Take a Sit, This Will Be a Lot to Absorb!

Take a Sit, This Will Be a Lot to Absorb!

While shopping for groceries, are you the type of person who haphazardly picks cleaning sponges from the shelf without even thinking about what you're going to use them for? You're not alone! Most people think cleaning sponges are one of those "one size fits all" housekeeping items. Most people are wrong because there's a wide variety of cleaning sponges for cleaning jobs, and each kind has its particular strengths. But knowing which type of sponge is best for a specific cleaning job might be a challenge. 

To help you, we made a list highlighting the best uses for each type of cleaning sponge, with (of course!) corresponding Lola® recommendations. But this is going to be a lot to absorb, so pull up a chair! 


Dobie cleaning sponges are a classic. They are the type of cleaning pads covered in nylon netting and have been around since 1958. They are great for cleaning almost anything because they have exceptional scouring power without the risk of scratching surfaces.

  • Lola® Nylon Net & Sponge Cleaning Pad. This is the most classic Dobie™, a gentle cleaning pad covered in a nylon net that is safe for all non-stick surfaces and coated cookware.
  • Round n' Round Wonder Scourer™. This is a dual-purpose sponge and scourer -- nylon net sponge on one end, metallic scourer on the other, which will make your clean-up job much easier and faster.


Cellulose sponges are made from wood pulp, and the small holes in them help absorb liquid and hold them inside for easy cleaning. They are best suited for cleaning dishes, countertops, and bathroom surfaces.

  • Cellulose Sponge Cloth aka "Swedish Cloth". This is a biodegradable and absorbent sponge cloth that is great for dishes, glasses, kitchen counters, and all sorts of surfaces.
  • Natural Cellulose Scrub Sponge. This has two sides: the scrub and the cellulose. The scrub side is excellent for gentle and all-purpose cleaning and scrubbing, while the cellulose side wipes and washes clean.


Abrasive sponges are great for use on outdoor grills and porch furniture. They easily remove stuck-on food and are great in removing baked-on food on pots and pans. As a general rule, they are not safe for cleaning delicate glass or most pots with a non-stick coating.

  • Lola® Plastic Mesh Scourer. This is made from a polypropylene knitted mesh, safe for cleaning most pots and pans, even non-stick pans and other cookware.
  • Pot Brite™ All-Purpose Scrub Sponge. This is a cleaning scrubber and sponge that easily removes dirt and caked-on grease and grime, and has anti-microbial agents that help inhibit the growth of bacteria.


Wire sponges are made from flexible and fine sharp-edged metal filaments. They are mostly suitable for cleaning porcelain and glass but must be used with caution because they can still scrape off the surface if used too harshly. When used right, it can remove dirt and deposits without scratching the surface.

  • Lola® Wire Mesh Scourer. This is made from odor-resistant galvanized steel knitted flat wire mesh, mainly for tough abrasive jobs.
  • Lola® Copper Mesh Scourer. This is made from thin copper threads and cleans the toughest kinds of stuck-on debris in your pans and grills. But since it is made from highly abrasive materials, it's not suitable for coated or polished surfaces. 

Microfiber Cloths

Microfiber cloths are made from synthetic materials with fibers that are much thinner than those on regular ones. They can absorb dirt and oil but are soft enough to not scratch surfaces, even for glass and mirrors. They are also great for dusting because they are electrostatic and, with the right cleaner, they can be great for cleaning stainless steel surfaces.

Magic Erasers

Magic Erasers are such a magical invention. They work well on many surfaces but remember never to use them on fragile and glossy surfaces, such as cars, and even your skin.

  • Rubaway™ Eraser Pad. This can powerfully remove soap scum, scuff marks, ink, crayon, dirt, grease and so much more. Just add water, and rub away!

Now that you know all these, remember to take some time in selecting the best sponge for your cleaning needs. In the end, choosing the right kind will save you a lot of time and money.

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