Pet Talk: 5 Steps to Keep Your Home Clean and Your Dog Happy

Pet Talk: 5 Steps to Keep Your Home Clean and Your Dog Happy

“If you want me in your life, make room for me. I shouldn’t be fighting for a spot anyway.” 


Your Dog

Have you ever had to choose between two entities you love? Let’s say between your dog and the nicest stuff you own, which your dog always scratches, bites or destroys? Well, the good news is, you don’t have to.

Animals have very short memories. Hurting them or locking them in a cage as punishment for their past bad behavior won’t accomplish anything. Let’s say you caught your dog chewing your favorite pair of shoes - take a step back and calm down. Unleashing your anger will just confuse your dog and encourage him to chew another object. Instead, use a light touch. Get his attention away from your things by giving him a toy or something else that is acceptable to destroy.

And here are some tips to maintain your home as a haven for your furry friend and your family.

First, don’t skip your dog’s bath time.  To avoid flees and potentially a bad odor, make sure your fur baby gets bathed regularly. Just be wary that too many baths can dry out the skin of your dog, especially during the winter. To reduce the stress and mess of bathing your dog, always remember to place a non-slip mat in the tub. Keep your dog calm by always checking the water temperature. It should be lukewarm or cool to avoid drying out his skin. Play relaxing music. Dry him well with a towel and let him do the shake shake shake! In order to make this a positive experience in his mind, reward him with plenty of treats. 

Keep your dog’s hair under control. Some dogs shed, some dogs don't. It often comes down to whether they have fur or hair - if they have fur, they likely shed, if they have hair, they don't. Keeping your dog’s fur off of your clothes, furniture and floor is a never ending battle. A healthy coat though, sheds regularly. However, excessive fur loss could mean a serious health problem and a lot of cleaning for you. Don't risk clogging up your vacuum - grab a Sticky Mop, pick up any stray hair, and tear off the sheet and throw it in the garbage when you're done.  It's that simple.

Handle accidents as they happen. It's almost inevitable that your dog is going to pee on your rug at some point. Clean up the mess right away to avoid stubborn stains on your carpet and furniture. Don't waste half a roll of paper towels cleaning up the mess, just grab a sheet of Wowables, an old newspaper, or an antimicrobial cloth to dry and clean the area. To be more efficient, use a commercially prepared solution as long as it’s cost effective.

Give your dog his own space. Make sure it’s complete with bed, food and water bowls, and toys. Reward him if he behaves properly. This will serve as his training to stay in one place, making it easier for you to maintain a clean home.

Spend more playtime with your dog. Sometimes all they need is attention and proper training. This will help your dog to improve the skills you are trying to teach him. It also improves their receptiveness to commands. This mental stimulation can make all the difference in their behavior. Bored dogs chew and destroy things. But if you embrace your responsibility as a pet owner, treat your dog as a member of your family, you will never have at them as a burden.
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