Must-Buy Lola Products for Exotic Pet Owners

Compared to being a typical dog or cat owner, having an ‘exotic’ type of pet requires you to provide extra care and effort especially with the cleaning procedure

There are specific instructions on how to feed, house, and protect these animals and ideally, you already know them before taking custody of your pet. What we want to share with you today are some products that exotic pet owners can rely on.


Daily spot-cleaning is a must for most small mammal and bird cages. Aside from this, it is also advisable to do an overhaul and complete scrub down in the environment of your pets at least once a year.

While doing so, all pets should be transferred and temporarily housed in a travel carrier or an escape-proof box with sufficient air access. All bedding, hay, toys, food bowls, and hide boxes should also be removed.

Meanwhile, the cage grate and tray or other floorings must be scrubbed thoroughly with this cleaning towel from Lola. Together with soap and hot water, you can remove all the debris and stains without causing damage to the cage. It is also washable so you can make use of it over and over again. If you think you need a tougher scrubber, then you might need our Handled Scrubber BrushThis tool is gentle to your hands but tough on dirt. 

After cleaning, you can dry your cage and remove any trace of cleaners with a fresh new sheet of Wowables™. Take note that aerosol cleaners should never be sprayed near pets and only mild, unscented detergent should be used if you wish to clean cloth materials.

You should also have a full inspection in case there are soiled and heavily chewed wooden toys and hide boxes or cracked food bowls and water bottles that you need to throw away and replace.

Lola Rola Sticky Mop™

There are a couple of elements that you need to monitor when you own a fish or reptile tank including water condition and temperature, or the state of the solid substrate.

When cleaning aquariums, you got to worry about the stains or streaks stuck on the glass from time to time. If there’s water in it, except that you have to continuously filter it because your pet will both eat and defecate in the water, so it is regularly soiled. Aside from that, you should also partially change the water every week and completely replace it at least once a year. In all of these cleaning sessions, you will need Lola’s innovative cleaning mop to collect wastes off your containment glass or floor.

Just as with cages, all objects including toys and decorations must be brushed, washed, and rinsed completely free of soap and chemicals before they are brought back together with your animals. Make sure you also contact and consult your veterinarian regularly to check whether the materials you are using are safe for your critters.

360° Duster Extender Set

Your spot cleaning session with your birdcage should be daily and deep cleaning should be done at least annually.

After putting your bird in a temporary or travel cage, you can remove dust and feathers from your cage with our durable duster. It can reach throughout your cage with its extendable hand.

Then you can put it in a sink or bathtub (if it is small) for washing while bigger ones need to be taken outside and hosed off. Food and water bowls will need to be cleaned thoroughly as well.

You can use also Anti-Microbial Clean N' Wipe™ Cloths to apply cleaning chemicals and disinfectants and our Cellulose Sponge Cloths to dry or absorb any leftover soap or solution. Make sure you rinse the cage properly before bringing back your pet because the odor that it can cause may irritate your pets.

Aside from your will and determination, know that an efficient cleaning tool is what you need to ensure that your loved pet gets to live its life to the fullest.


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