Habits That Affect What You Serve On Your Dining Table

Habits That Affect What You Serve On Your Dining Table

A fact the is not known to many is that the quality of what you eat and serve your family also depends on how you prepare it, and what things you are using aside from the ingredients of the dish itself. This involves the equipment and your storage habits.

Using detergent or laundry soap

Sometimes, the soap that we use brings an unpleasant taste to the food when we fail to wash the plates and the kitchen wares properly.

Using plastic wares

Plastic, when come into contact with hot food sometimes makes a bad combination.  If reheating food in a non-microwave safe container, the plastic from the container could melt into your food.

Unclean Kitchen sink

Bacteria lurk within this place. Not cleaning it properly might cause the spread of bacteria from the sink to your kitchen wares, which in turn spread the bacteria to the food.

Rusty and dirty Cooking wares

Rust which can grow from unclean cooking wares is very harmful and unhealthy when it comes into contact with food. Once consumed, you might not know how dangerous it can be to give to yourself or any of your family members.

Messy Dish cabinet

The moisture in the dish cabinet caused by just dumping all the plates and other kitchen wares without drying them first motivates the growth of bacteria which will be passed to your food.

Sometimes, it’s the smallest of things that we do which makes the biggest change just like when we prepare meals for our dear family and we overlook the small mistakes that we have done without realizing it’s the taste and the quality of the food which is being put at stake. But more importantly, it’s yours and your family’s health which is at risk, so it is a must to be extra careful of what you do in the kitchen and before preparing and serving food.

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