Every Room is Special: Understanding the Unique Needs of the Different parts of your House

Every Room is Special: Understanding the Unique Needs of the Different parts of your House

Within every home, there are usually a couple of rooms and spaces with different functions for the family underneath it.

However, these rooms does not only differ in how they are used by the inhabitants, they also have various needs that must be acknowledged for its owners to know how to clean it and take care of it properly.

Here we will discuss some tips about how to clean every common part of your household.

Living Room

These is one of the major common spaces at home, where members of the family including pets usually spend most of their time during the day.

Therefore, it is expected to accumulate excess amount of dirt, dust, and fur especially on the couch, and other furniture.

Since it is also the first room that you can commonly access from the home’s entrance, you are also most likely to bring inside some debris you came across with outside.

 Aside from vacuuming, sweeping and dusting are also essential to keep this area clean. You have to be extra careful especially if you have infants or elderly that are vulnerable to allergic reactions or asthma attacks.

As a solution, we recommend our very own Angle Broom for sweeping every corners of your living room. With this effective cleaning tool infused with angle technology, you can reach even the deepest gaps under furniture.

Meanwhile, for windows, top of furniture, couch, and other high places, you can rely on the all-around Lola Rola Sticky Mop™. It comes with 30 easy-to-tear cleaning sheets that collects all sorts of debris.


Depending on the number of household members and designation of room, this on usually caters only limited number of individuals.

However, it still needs sufficient amount of time and attention for you to keep it clean.

You have to be keen on your bed, side tables, lampshade, wardrobe, and other pieces of furniture. Give attention to corners and gaps for webs and trapped dirt.

We’ll make sure you’ll reach them with Lola 360°Extender Duster Starter Kit. This is one of the best innovations of the conventional feather duster because of its efficiency when trapping dust and dirt.

It is also built with extendable handle helping you reach different areas around your bedroom.

Dining Room

Since this is where the whole family usually eat, drink, and chitchat. This is where you will see used dishes and utensils.

You also have to mind about spills, leakage, food droppings and stains both on the table and in the floor.

But this shouldn’t be a big problem if you start to ditch the low-quality sponge that you are using and choose our Pot Brite™ Scour N' Sponge instead.

It has both sponge and scouring pad. They are both durable and effective making sure no stuck food will be left on your cooking ware.


This place requires you to be extra thorough since it is where fresh produce, meat products, and other types of food are stored and prepared.

Prior and after cooking, we advise that you make it a habit to wipe every surface with Anti-Microbial Clean N' Wipe™ Cloth to prevent the growth of germs and remove stains.

Meanwhile, our Wowables™ cleaning towels are perfect as place mat, pot holder, and cleaning towel for your cooking ware.

This one is durable, efficient and reusable so it’s definitely worth it to invest on.

You can also use it to clean your kitchen counter, stove, and other appliances because it is treated with anti-microbial agents to prevent it from harboring disease-causing bacteria. 


This one frequently have damp corners and has air-filled with fragrant smell of soap, shampoo, or freshener.

To keep its cleanliness and fragrance, it would be necessary to wipe it with Cellulose Sponge Cloth; our fast absorbing cleaning cloth that prevents grime from building up on your bathroom’s crevices.

This will help remove excess moisture from the room and keep the humidity of the air fresh and soothing.

Doing this regularly will make this place like a relaxing and paradise-like facility.

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