Eight Things in Your Home to Clean Once a Year

Eight Things in Your Home to Clean Once a Year

Eight Things in Your Home to Clean Once A Year

Despite your everyday busy schedule, we want our homes to be sparkly clean and in pristine condition. After all, we are clean freaks and we don’t let a single dust bunny get past us. Cleaning your house is a continuous cycle and pretty much has no finish line. The good thing is, there are several areas in your home that do not require cleaning weekly or even monthly. Truth of the matter is, some important cleaning tasks can be done at least once a year, because after all, life demands so much more from us than just cleaning our lovely homes. Below are eight things in your home that require less frequent cleaning.


Gutters are effective in collecting and draining rainwater, however over time, they get clogged up with leaves and other things. Hop on a ladder and start clearing out debris on your gutter. You may use pressure washers too, to get rid of the gunk that is lurking in your gutters.

Light Bulbs

Lighting adds drama and mood to any home, but over time light bulbs collect enormous dust and if they are grimy and dirty, they leave your house looking a little dim and nobody wants that. To dust your light bulbs easily, first, make sure that your light is turned off and cool enough to touch, then simply dust it off with a Turkey Feather Duster.


Just because your curtains add a romantic effect to any window doesn’t mean that they can do unwashed. Like your windows, they collect dust and dirt, which could trigger asthma and allergies. Give your beautiful curtains a wash at least once a year to keep them looking fab and great.

Outdoor Windows

If your house suddenly looks a little dim and dark, then your windows need some
scrubbing. Cleaning windows is definitely not a simple task, but a clean window obviously lets in more light. Simply start cleaning by wiping around the edges and frame, then spray window using warm water and dishwashing soap. Finish it off with a squeegee to get rid of suds.

Ceiling Fans

Fans are helpful in keeping your home well-ventilated, however, fans are notorious for collecting and spreading dust across the room. Once a year, wipe your fans with a Microfiber Cleaning Cloth to remove dust and grime. Easy peasy!

Outdoor Furniture

The best time to clean your outdoor furniture is during springtime or early summer, when the sunshine in full effect. Scrub your furniture with a brush and mild detergent soap then rinse with water. For quick cleaning, you may use a pressure washer to loosen up hard dirt and stains, then wipe with a dry cloth after.


Surely everyone loves to cozy up by a warm fireplace. Over time, soot deposits and condense into a toxic gunk which could potentially harm your health. Therefore, it is important to keep your fireplace and chimney clean at least once a year to get rid of any build up.


Your garage is pretty much a haven for your excess stuff and things that aren't currently being used get stashed there when there’s no more room left inside your house. Your garage may harbor a lot of dirt, insects or sometimes even wild animals, hence you need to re-organize and declutter your garage at least once a year.

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