Disgusting Toilet Cleaning Habits That We Are All guilty of!

Disgusting Toilet Cleaning Habits That We Are All guilty of!

They say good manners and proper conduct starts at home... and so does cleanliness and sanitation. We are already exposed to too much dirt and bacteria outside, and our house should be the safest place where we can be sure we are away from germs and the risk of illness.

However, not all of us are 100% confident with the cleanliness and sanitation of our home. Sometimes, even the smallest part of the house, which is often taken for granted, is the one causing illness. Several studies show that the majority of the reason why kids get sick is due to the disease-causing germs found in an unsanitary toilet.

Avoid causing unwanted illness to your family members by staying away from the following common mistakes made when cleaning your toilet bowl:

Cleaning the toilet using bare hands
Aside from causing your skin to dry and get irritated, cleaning the toilet with bare hands is also one way of allowing germs to crawl onto your skin. You also increase the possibility of passing the bacteria to your family members. Protect yourself and your family from these unwanted diseases by using thick rubber gloves every time you clean the toilet. You know, as they say, prevention is always better than cure. 

Using only a single tool for cleaning the entire bathroom
Sure you want to save money, but investing in cleaning tools is one way to get a squeaky clean and sanitized house. Using the same cleaning tools on different surfaces of the bathroom is almost like sharing a toothbrush with a stranger or using only a single sponge for both dishes and the sink, gross! By using only one brush for the entire bathroom, you are actually spreading the bacteria. Avoid this by investing in good and reliable cleaning tools for each and every corner.

Returning a used and wet toilet brush inside its holder
We are all guilty of this.  We immediately place a used and wet toilet brush inside the holder after cleaning the bowl. But did you know that keeping a wet brush inside a closed container is only inviting germs to breed on it? Remember, moist environments are more prone to bacteria, so make it a habit to air dry your toilet brush after use and before placing it back in its holder. 

Now, below are the things that you should do to avoid the above-mentioned mistakes, and to also avoid spreading germs from an unsanitary toilet bowl

Use the right cleaning products 
There is no harm in investing in proper cleaning products, as it will surely be worth your money. Your toilet deserves a specially formulated solution to be cleaned and disinfected.

Disinfect the entire toilet bowl

Make sure to clean the entire toilet by taking into consideration not just the seat, but also the toilet lid, the flush handle, and inside the tank.

Use the “Z” cleaning motion technique
Yes, there is a proper way of cleaning the toilet not just by scrubbing side by side. Remember to start on top and scrub or wipe in a “Z-motion” to clean each corner evenly.

Scrub it gently

Over scrubbing your toilet may damage the protective surface sealant of the bowl, which can also be the breeding ground of germs and bacteria. Make sure to scrub it gently and let your cleaning products to the magic.

Take your time
Although cleaning the toilet can be a chore, cleaning it in a rush may not serve its whole purpose. Try sticking to a once-a-week cleaning schedule instead of one-time-cleaning session every month. This will not only save your time but will keep your toilet clean and germ-free all the time.

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