Cleaning Tools You Should add to Your After-Quarantine Shopping List

Cleaning Tools You Should add to Your After-Quarantine Shopping List

Most stores are closed indefinitely nowadays due to the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak around the world and as part of our governments’ effort to minimize the public’s movement with hopes of stopping or delaying the spread of this highly-contagious disease.

Truly, this pandemic has stopped all of us from doing most of our regular activities including buying some of our essential needs that’s why many are now locked at their homes struggling to survive and fearing to go out due to possible arrest or contraction of the disease. So, what do we learn from this?

Preparing even if there aren’t expecting any catastrophes yet is still important because just like the sudden emergence of this disease that caught all of us off guard, we also can’t be a 100% sure about what’s going to happen next.

So, the next time you’ll be allowed to go out, seize the opportunity to supply your home with enough cleaning equipment. Here’s a short list of what you must add to your shopping list of cleaning tools after this community quarantine period:

Reusable Paper Towels

A major part of our cleaning routine involves wiping.  That’s why tools such as a paper towel are essential and must always be part of our shopping list. But you should stop using the regular paper towel from now on because reusable ones such as Lola Wowables™ are more efficient and cost-effective. This way, you can also save up because you don’t have to stock up thousands of paper towel rolls because each of the Wowables™ sheet is washable and good for repetitive use.

All Purpose Mop

That’s right. If you are one of those who believe that mops are only used on floors, then you are outdated. See for yourself with Lola Rola Sticky Mop™. A mop that goes beyond floor-cleaning. It has a sticky end that’s effective in collecting dust and dirt on different surfaces so you can use it on walls, kitchen and bathroom tiles, and even on your ceiling! That’s right. Using it, you won’t struggle removing web buildup on high places with the help of its long handle.

Dishwashing Sponge and Scourers

Dishwashing is a regular part of our lives regardless if there is an ongoing crisis or not. (except if you have an automatic dishwasher or you prefer eating on restaurants or ordering out.) But we should not look for a sponge that is capable of removing tough dirt and grime but also one that is delicate and will not damage your kitchenware and cooking equipment such as Wonder Scourer™ Non-Scratch Scouring Pad. Another cleaning tool that works wonders is the Pot Brite™ Non-Scratch Scouring Sponge, a dual-purpose cleaning tool that is perfect for accomplishing tough scrubbing tasks. It also protects your hands and keeps them away from injuries.

Scrubbing Brush

Whether its surfaces or pieces of furniture, being hands on is always the best way to finish the task successfully. But with our products, we could make it even easier and more hassle-free for you. Lola Deck Scrub Brush comes with a long broom handle so you don’t have to go into awkward positions when cleaning. On the other hand, our Handled Brush is engineered in such a way that it keeps your hand away from the actual brushing so it won’t hurt. It is also non-slip and has a pointed head made for cleaning deep corners and crevices.
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