Cleaning Habits That Will Blow Your Mind 🤯🤯🤯

Cleaning Habits That Will Blow Your Mind 🤯🤯🤯

There’s a powerful psychology behind cleanliness. Keeping things clean and organized results in better night's rests, a more active body and more focused mind. And today, with the new technology and cleaning innovations, your weekly  disinfecting, feather-dusting and sweeping routine has been made easier with more efficient and affordable products. This gives us the power to have our home cleaned, when we want.

Our body is made up of thousands of neurochemicals and biologically organized systems. That’s probably why we inherently love order and organization. That goes for cleaning as well. So here is a checklist for you to use, that will also serve as a strategy, to attack your cleaning in a systematic and organized way.

Start by picking up clutter as you go from room to room. The less clutter you have, the less you have to put away. Feel free to assess your belongings and whether you still need to keep them.  Dust and wipe. Arrange your books, magazines, newspapers and DVDs based on your level of interest. Put items you're likely to use again soon on the top of the pile. Do the same with some of the possessions you've outgrown like old clothes in the closets and shoes on the racks. Before you leave each room, spray your favorite scent of disinfectant and prepare to start dusting.

To dust is a must.  Speaking of dust, dampen a cloth (or even better yet a sheet of Wowables) and hit the tops of doors, fans, light bulbs and picture frames. If you're using cleanser, don’t spray too much on glass windows. Instead, wipe them using a cloth or towel that's been dampened with an all-purpose cleaner/warm water mix. These are the things that we often overlook but will greatly contribute in achieving fresher, cleaner air. Face your fears of cobwebs - no one likes them, but getting rid of them is a must. Dust and wipe again. To be more efficient, you can use a hand held vacuum cleaner. And then, it’s about time to spray your favorite scent of disinfectant again. Prepare as mopping comes next.

Don't stop before you mop. Dampen the head of the mop into a mixture of water, lemon, vinegar and baking soda. Start mopping at the farthest corner and move back toward the entrance. Rinse mop after completing a good-sized area. Do not hesitate to create another mixture if needed.  As we mentioned earlier, advances in technology have made cleaning easier and mopping is a perfect example. Items like a spin mop or an in and out mop are significantly easier to use and much more effective than standard cotton deck mops.  For example, a spin mop like The Revolution allows you to never have to touch a dirty mop head again (or spread dirty water around your floor like you do with old school mops).  An in and out mop, like The Evolution, has a dual compartment bucket - one side washes, one side dries - so you're never mopping with a dirty head again.  Plus, the microfiber mop head is powerful enough that you don't need to use any chemicals.

Don't sleep on cleaning your bed. After removing the dust and tidying each corner of the house, it’s time to fix your bed. Inspect the joints and springs of the bed and repair if needed. Straighten the sheets. Replace the pillow cases and blankets. Don’t forget to spray your favorite scent of disinfectant again.

Cook up a clean kitchen. Put away all the things that have nothing to do with the food you are preparing. Sanitize the utensils and equipment. Don’t forget to clean the appliances inside and out. Grab a cloth and wipe down the microwave, dishwasher and refrigerator. Clean the inside of each using an absorbent towel and make sure to read the manual before touching any electrical parts. Don't forget about the floor - hit it with a spin mop or flat mop rather than sweeping and mopping it separately to save time.

Give your bathroom some love. Lastly, give your bathroom a proper cleaning. Replace the rugs, bath mats and wastebaskets. Grab a sponge or scourer to scrub the sinks.  Hit the toilet with a toilet bowl brush. Freshen up any tiled surface with eraser pads. Clean the shower rack and door track. Lastly, spray your favorite scent disinfectant again.  

Set aside a little time each week to devote to these easy steps and you'll keep a fresh, clean home.

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