Wire Mesh Scourer with Hand Saver Knob

Lola Products

SKU: 399

  • Galvanized Steel Knitted Flat Wire Mesh is Heavy Duty for Tough Jobs
  • Scourer Size: 3.25" x 3.25" x 1"
  • With Hand Saving Comfort Knob That Fits in The Palm of Your Hand
  • Odor and Rust Resistant
  • Rinse Pad Clean After Use. Rest on Towel
  • Do Not Rest Directly on Countertop or in Sink
  • 5 YEAR GUARANTEE - Against Defects in Material & Workmanship (excludes Wear n' Tear)
  • This is a highly abrasive product. Do not use on coated or polished surfaces. Always use wet. Rinse after each use and rest on a cloth ot towel. Do Not Rest directly on a sink, counter or any other surface.