Scrub Brush


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  • All Purpose Scrubber
  • Great for Scrubbing Floors and Cleaning Car Rims and Tires
  • Durable Poly Fiber Bristles
  • Great For Corners and Tight Places
  • Use to get rid of mildew, mold and soap scum
  • Convenient Hang Hole
  • 5 YEAR GUARANTEE - Against Defects in Material & Workmanship
    (excludes Wear n' Tear)

This Lola Scrub Brush is a cleaning staple in the scrubbing of a wide variety of surfaces for removing dirt, grit, grime, hardened soap scum, mold/mildew and much much more.  Can be used on carpet to help remove tough stains combined with your favorite stain remover. Lola® Brand has been a cleaning products leader based in the USA since 1969.  

Did you know we carry Swiffer® Sweeper®* compatible Dry and Wet Mop Refills? They are of equal quality and more affordable than other Brands on the market.    

*Swiffer® Sweeper® is a registered trademark of The Procter & Gamble Company