Pot Brite Jumbo Heavy Duty Scouring Pad - 6" x 6" - 3 pack


SKU: 510

  • 3 Pack
  • Pad Size: 6" x 6" Each  (50% Larger Than Most Cleaning Pads)
  • Jumbo Size Nylon and Polyester Non Woven Scrub Pad
  • Heavy Duty Fiber is Great for a Range of Scrubbing Jobs
  • Long Lasting - very strong material
  • Do Not Use on Delicate, Polished Surfaces or Coated Cookware
  • Rinse Pad Clean After Use
  • Open Fiber style allows water to run through the pad
  • To Use, Just Wet the Pad and Apply your favorite detergent
  • Great for abrasive scrubbing on utensils, cookware, grills, cast iron, equipment, etc.
  • Use in the home, outdoors, in the garage
  • Rust and Mildew Resistant
  • Fragments never left behind on cleaning and scrubbing surface
  • Green color scouring pads
  • Better than Steel Wool

Lola scouring pads are of the highest quality in the market. We have been manufacturing and distributing household cleaning tools since 1969. Count on us for sponges, floor mops, brooms, scrubbers, scourers, eraser pads, dusters and much more.   

Pot Brite heavy duty scouring pads remove grease and baked-on foods fast. After use, simply rinse clean and it's ready to be re-used over and over again.  Cleaning a home or apartment can be a challenging task and take what seems like forever. Our cleaning tools help get the job done easier, faster and more affordably.