Lola Super Absorbent Heavy Duty Scrub Sponge Scotch Brite for Washing Dishes - 144 Pack


SKU: 4219-12

Trust Lola® Brand Products has served customers with household cleaning tools and other houseware items since 1965. We love cleaning and consider ourselves to be a "Cleaning Squad". You can find us at retail or order right here today. Lola's Pot-Brite Scour n' Sponge is a nylon and polyester non-woven scouring pad and kitchen sponge from Lola. Its medium-duty fiber is great for many scrubbing jobs and won't scratch most surfaces. These dishwashing soft scrubs clean faster and better than steel wool. Fiber side scrubs and scours of these dishwashing cleaning kit is great for cleaning pots, pans, oven grills, and most house kitchen and bathroom surfaces. Sponge side wipes and dries. This dual-purpose sponge/scourer makes scrubbing and wiping up dishes, etc so easy with one household cleaning tool. Care Instructions: Not recommended for scouring coated or highly polished surfaces. Always use wet, and apply your favorite detergent or soap. Rinse the sponge clean after use. Test on a small area to determine suitability. Features: Brand: Lola products Type: Sponges & Scourers Quality: High Size: 4" x 2.75" x 1.25" Count: 144 Pack Color: Yellow & Green Material: Nylon & Polyester Washable: Yes Reusable: Yes