Lola Super Absorbent Cellulose Sponges Cloth Reusable Dishcloth Kitchen cleaning - 10 Count


SKU: 7009

Lola Products makes cleaning tools that make your life easier. Household cleaning can be difficult when you aren't using the right products. Lola Brand makes its cleaning tools comfortable to hold, easy to maneuver, and able to clean all parts of your home - from floor to wall to garage to bath to kitchen, etc. And most importantly, cleaning tools that get the job done fast, thoroughly, and affordably! Lola's cellulose sponge cloths Aka Swedish Cloth are made of Natural Cellulose Sponge. It is a super absorbent reusable sponge cloth. Swedish sponge cloth will not scratch, streak, or leave lint. This product is environmentally safe, chemical-free, and Biodegradable. It helps to protect trees by using the Lola cellulose sponge cloth. These Swedish dishcloths are reusable & machine washable. Rinse the Swedish dishcloths in clean warm water and squeeze excess water out before each use and wring out excess water after each use. The dishwasher is safe for use and sanitized. It can air dry super-fast. Swedish clothes are great for dishes, glasses, & kitchen counters but also extremely efficient in the bathroom, on automobiles, & all around the house! Best Used slightly damp. It is super absorbent & up to 20x its weight in water. Directions for Use: Rinse in warm water and squeeze excess water out before each use. Rinse the sponge in clean water and wring out excess water after each use. Can be washed and sanitized in the dishwasher. Great for use in the kitchen, bathroom, automobile, boat, and all around the house. Cellulose is a natural material that is highly absorbent and biodegradable making it an eco-friendly cleaning product.