Large Scrub Brush


SKU: 601

  • Large Size
  • Great for Scrubbing Floors, Tile, Grout and Cleaning Car Rims and Tires
  • Helps rid surfaces of mold, mildew and soap scum as well as dirt and grime
  • Durable Poly Fiber Bristles hold up after very heavy duty cleaning work
  • Perfect for scrubbing tubs, tile walls, counter top and floors
  • Has a Convenient Hang Hole for easy storage
  • Use this scrubbing brush dry, wet and and/or wet with soap
  • Just rinse it out after each use
  • 5 YEAR GUARANTEE - Against Defects in Material & Workmanship (excludes Wear n' Tear)
  • Want a handled scrub brush, see Item# 519

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