Hand & Nail Brush, Wood Block - 3 Pack


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  • 3 Pack of true hand and nail brushes with attractive wood shaped block handle
  • Long bristle side is soft yet durable enough to clean hands
  • Short bristle side is stiff to clean under and around nails
  • The best product to get the tough stains out of your hands
  • Smooth Wood Finish
  • 5 YEAR GUARANTEE - Against defects in material & workmanship (excludes wear n' tear)
Clean hands are a very important factor in your appearance and hi-gene. Our hands get dirty and pick up germs, therefore we recommend that each and every day, after you shower, you use our hand and nail brush for extra cleanliness.
Plus, if you have children, get them one. Nobody's finger nails get dirtier than a kids. Being happy with the way you look, right down to your finger nails, is a part of what makes us be happy in general.