CoVid-19 Response


TO: All Lola Customers Covid‐19 Update

FROM: Charles Spitaletta, CEO

Date: 5/18/2020

The Covid-19 pandemic has created a disruption in our lives and businesses to the extent we have never seen before in most of our lives.  The Lola family is no different. In many ways we have been lucky and in other ways less fortunate. Although we have been operating and continue to serve our customers, the industry and the community at large, we remain laser focused on our current primary objectives which are: 1. the health and safety of our workers, customers, vendors, all associates and their families, 2. the overall health and well-being of the community at large, 3. The continued delivery of products and services at a level that our customers and consumers expect and deserve, 4. An eye toward the future of our industry and the needs of our customers and consumers.

Our primary operations in NJ have seen a level of disruption disproportionate to the rest of the country. We are overwhelmed with a feeling of gratitude for all our employees that fight through the current struggles with daily work and life.

We have and continue to make decisions on operations based on the mandates of local, state, and federal guidelines, along with common sense associated with a pandemic of this sort.  We see signs of constraints loosening up, but there are issues that continue to disrupt operations, as follows:

  • Social Distancing guidelines and extra steps needed to protect our front-line essential workers that limit production capacity and order processing turnaround times.
  • Supply chain disruptions and delays locally and around the world from the past few months that has set the world behind in stock levels and capacity.
  • Transportation disruptions and delays in both over the road, ocean, and air transport. UPS, FedEx, and other Parcel carriers continue to suspend service level guarantees (they cannot guarantee overnight or any other service). 
  • Individual employee and associates personal situations that make it difficult or dangerous for them to proceed with their lives as normal.

We can handle all your needs and requests on a case by case basis, at a somewhat modified or delayed pace at times depending on stock levels, transport delays, and demand fluctuations.  I personally urge you to contact us if you have a need that is urgent at 800-524-2822.  Lola Products is a family owned business with hands on operating owners that will personally handle your request if need be. If you are a critical member of the supply chain as outlined by the Department of Homeland Security and need your order specially handled, please advise us accordingly.

We continue to ask and answer the hard questions we face every day.  Through the determination and will of all involved, we will get through this crisis and return to our lives better and brighter than before.

241 Main Street 5th floor                 Hackensack, NJ 07601                   201-343-1243