Jumbo Copper Mesh Scourer - 2 pack


SKU: 4282

  • Jumbo Size - 2 pack (COMMERCIAL QUALITY)
  • Pad Size: 4" x 4" x 1.5" (4 inch diameter)
  • Pure Copper Knitted Flat Wire Mesh is Heavy Duty for Tough Jobs
  • Pure Copper is Rust Resistant
  • Copper Strands are woven tightly
  • Rinse Pad Clean After Use
  • Scourer is a great household cleaning aide for Caked on, Baked on Messes

Note: This is a highly abrasive cleaning product. DO NOT use on coated or polished surfaces, glass, tile.

Directions for Use: Always Use Wet. Rinse after each use and rest on cloth or towel.

DO NOT rest directly on the counter, sink or other surface. 

Lola® Brand pure copper scourers and scrubbers remove burnt-on, caked-on food or grease fast from surfaces when scrub cleaning. Pure copper does NOT rust or splinter. Our copper scouring pads are perfect for stainless steel, copper, anodized aluminum, multi-clad or cast iron. This Lola item makes cleaning up so simple that throwing a BBQ becomes easy.  Also use on glasses, plates, oven racks and stove tops and all other abrasive friendly household cleaning.

After-Life Usage: Although this product quickly gets your harder cleaning jobs complete, it has another potential household use after you used it enough cleaning up. It can keep unwanted house rats and mice out of your home by clogging up small holes where they may enter. It being rust resistant, it gets that job done as well.  

Lola Brands carries a complete line of cleaning tools for the home. From floor mopping equipment to dish, pot and pan scrubbers and reusable paper towels, we carry it all.  Love Mr. Clean® Magic Eraser and Swiffer® Sweeper items, no worries, we carry our own comparable and compatible versions at much lower costs, check them out in our "QUICK CLEANING" section.  

Lola® Products brand of eraser pad - called RUBAWAY, can be compared to the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Pad in terms of quality, material and use. Mr. Clean® Magic Eraser® Pad is a registered trademark of The Procter & Gamble Company.  Lola® Products brand of sweeper mops and refills, can be compared to Swiffer®  Sweeper® - which is a registered trademark of Procter & Gamble®