Natural Cellulose Squeeze Sponge Mop, 9" Wide Head w 4 pc threaded handle


SKU: 2059S

  • 9" natural cellulose with poly foam sponge head! 
  • High density and durable poly foam layer
  • Absorbs and cleans better than alternate brands
  • Quality Plastic Frame for light weight easy use and replacement of head
  • Comes with a Polished Aluminum 4 part US Threaded Handle.
  • Has hang hole for easy storage
  • Refillable with Lola Cellulose Sponge Mop Refill, Item# 2051
  • Rinse sponge clean after use
  • Hands never touch the sponge
  • Sponge head easily snaps into place - no tools required when replacing 
  • 5 Year Guarantee - Against Defects in Material and Workmanship

Use & Care Instructions:  Do not use vinegar based cleaning solutions. Use regular floor cleaning products and follow manufacturer's dilution instructions. After each use, rinse thoroughly and store upside down on handle or use handle hang-cap. 

To Replace Sponge:  Simply snap off used refill and snap in new refill through the holes. 

Before Use: Rinse mop head thoroughly under running water. Rinse clean and squeeze mop dry after each use.