Jumbo Microfiber Cleaning Cloth, 12"x12" - 10 Count


SKU: 5789

  • 12" x 12" Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
  • Microfiber cleans without chemicals - Millions of micro poly fibers dig into cracks and crevices to deep clean surfaces
  • Machine washable in warm water - won't shrink
  • Rinse clean after use - Use again and again
  • Use wet for cleaning, dry for dusting

When using to clean, squeeze out as much excess water as you can prior to use. This increases absorbency and the microfiber's ability to get the dirt out. The fine microfibers of this cloth attract dirt and dust like a magnet. Dirt is picked up and trapped inside the microfibers, allowing surfaces to be cleaned without using any chemicals.

DO NOT use with Bleach. Tumble Dry Low.

When washing your microfiber cloth, do not use fabric softener. To dry, set to tumble dry low.

Why Microfiber?

Usage of microfiber in the cleaning of households is rapidly on the rise. Microfiber technology has completely changed people's need for typical household detergents, soaps and chemicals. People are switching to microfiber and reusable cloths all in a opportunity to reduce/eliminate chemicals in the home, save time, save $$$ and make their lives a bit easier.

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