Wood Spring Clothespins - 50 count


SKU: 850

  • 50 Pack Natural Pine Wood Clothespins 
  • Made of a 7 Coil Rust Resistant Spring
  • Moisture resistant hard birchwood 
  • Will hold up to 10lbs on each clothespin so you don't find your clothes laying outside on the sidewalk or in your garden. For the real heavier clothes - use 3 or 4 to be safe
  • Great Product to air dry your clothes if you prefer to let nature do the work, don't like to use electric or gas power, or if you don't have access to any power
  • Use to seal closed snacks as bag clip in the pantry or for art and craft projects
  • Usage of clothespins for drying clothes is much "eco-friendlier" method compared to  using a modern day electric dryer

Wood Clothespins go back to the original modern version of the invention and patent in 1853 by David M. Smith. They were then handmade, carved from wood. Of course originally designed to hang clothes to be dried, the invention of dryer machines put a large dent into their usage in modern society. But to this day many people, especially in less developed countries still use them plenty. And in modern society, they still have a place for people who don't have a dryer because of space constraints, some simply prefer using natural air to dry of their clothes and others prefer this environmentally friendlier method to dry clothes. See more on the history of the clothespins here.

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