500 Brushes Starter Plus Kit, Toilet Bowl Brush w/ Cleanser Dispensing Brush Head, Includes 2 Brush Heads, 1 Handle, 1 Caddy and 5 Blue Cleanser Cartridges, Item #3304


SKU: 3304


2 Changeable Deep Scrubbing Brush Heads

1 Comfort Rubber Grip Handle

1 Caddy with No Slip Rubber Base Rim

5 Blue Cleanser Cartridges

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500 BRUSHES TOILET CLEANING SYSTEM:  Brush Head with Built-In Cleanser, Comfort Handle and Storage Caddy, 1 Cleanser Cartridge can last months | Patent Pending Touch-less Changing System

TOILET CLEANING SYSTEM: Blue Cleanser Cartridge, which can last up to 4 months, is Placed right into the Brush Head, releasing cleanser as you brush, all in ONE-STEP, no more bottles of liquid cleanser needed. 

BLUE CLEANSER is released directly from the brush head keeping your bowl clean, sanitary and odor free. Cleanser cleans, removes rust, calcium with ease.

REPLACEABLE BRUSH HEAD: Timing is based on individual judgement, some will change it every few months, other will wait years, but you have the option - all while keeping the handle.

PATENT PENDING 'TOUCH-LESS' CHANGING SYSTEM: When adding a new cleanser cartridge or replacing the brush head, our design is engineered to keep your hands off the brush head.

Please Read Blue Cleanser Hazard Statement here