500 Brushes Replacement Toilet Bowl Brush Head - 1 Count


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1 Replacement Antimicrobial Brush Head

500 BRUSHES TOILET CLEANING SYSTEM: Anti-Microbial Brush Head with Built-In Cleanser, Comfort Handle and Storage Caddy, 1 Cleanser Tablet can last 2+ months | Patent Pending 'Touch-less' Changing System

TOILET CLEANING SYSTEM: The blue cleanser tablet, which can last 2+ months, gets placed right into the brush head, is activated by water releasing cleanser as you brush, all in ONE-STEP - no more bottles of liquid cleanser needed.

BLUE CLEANSER: Includes bleach, is released directly from the brush head keeping your bowl clean, sanitary and odor free. Cleanser cleans, sanitizes, and removes rust & calcium deposits with ease.

ANTI-MICROBIAL BRUSH HEAD: Inhibits the growth of odor-causing bacteria so you never put a dirty brush back into the caddy.

REPLACEABLE BRUSH HEAD: Timing is based on individual judgement, some will change it every few months, other will wait years, but it's all up to you depending on how frequently you use it - all while keeping the handle.

PATENT PENDING 'TOUCH-LESS' CHANGING SYSTEM: When adding a new cleanser tablet or replacing the brush head, our design is engineered to so your hands never have to touch the brush head.

500 BRUSHES IS MORE ECO-FRIENDLY - With Traditional brushes the handle & brush head are disposed of together & you need liquid cleaner which runs out very fast. Newer soap filled wand heads are only 1x use - filling our landfills very quickly. With 500 Brushes - the cleanser tablet and brush head each last a long time – reducing waste