Round n' Round Wonder Scourer™ - Non Scratch


SKU: 469

  • 5" Round x 1.125" Thick
  • Round Scouring Pad
  • Wonder Metallic Scourer on One Side, Nylon Net Sponge on other
  • Won't Scratch Most Surfaces
  • Rinse Pad Clean After Use
  • Has Convienent Hang Hole Built-On for easy storage under you sink
  • Need a 2 pack of this Product? See Lola Cleaning Products Item# 4692

Comes in Silver or Gold on the scourer side. If you order online, you may get either color, it will be sent randomly. If you want a specifc color, please call to order.  It's a Dual Purpose sponge and scourer, which will make your clean-up job much easier and faster.