Nylene™ Sponge Mop, w/ Dual Purpose Sponge and Fiber Scrubber Head


SKU: 2099

  • Nylene™ Sponge Head Absorbs and Cleans Floors Faster and Easier
  • 8.5" Wide Head
  • Strong Plastic Hinged Frame Squeezes Sponge Dry of Water and Soap
  • High Gloss Resin Coated Steel 4-Piece "Easy-to-Assemble" Handle with Swivel Hang Cap (see assembly instructions here)
  • Easy to Change Snap on Refill
  • Dual Purpose Sponge and Fiber Scrubber Head
  • Has Swivel Hang Cap for hanging / storage
  • Refillable with mop sponge head refill Item# 2091
  • Rinse Sponge Clean After Use
  • 5 YEAR GUARANTEE - Against Defects in Material & Workmanship (excludes Wear n' Tear)

Use & Care Instructions: Do NOT use vinegar based solutions. Use regular floor cleaning liquids. Follow manufacturer's dilution instructions. After each use, rinse thoroughly and store upside down on handle or use handy hanger.      

This is the economical sponge cleaning floor mop that gets the job done exactly you need. The sponge is made of the best cellulose and absorbs at very high rates and you simply squeeze the handle on the the head to dry off the sponge. Fast jobs are easy with the Lola Nylene™ Sponge Mop.