Lola Pro Sudser Sponge Brush Refill, 2 Pack


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  • Refills for Lola Pro Sudser Sponge Brush - 2 PACK
  • Super Absorbent Light Duty Scrubbing Fiber Sponge Head
  • Safe for Use on any Tableware or Cookware
  • Rinse Sponge Clean After Use
  • Best to Rest with Sponge Head Facing Up
  • Need the Lola Sudser Sponge Brush, see Item# 538

To Refill and Add Liquid:

Hold your Lola Pro Sudser with the sponge facing you and at the top.  Gently Lift the top end of the sponge unit up, and rotate the sponge head to the left. The sponge will un-click and you can remove.  Fill soap well 75%, and replace sponge.