Wringer Cotton Twist Mop

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  • Includes a Scuff Remover Scrub Tip which Removes Scuff Marks and Ground in Dirt
  • High Quality, Super Absorbent Soft Cotton Yarn
  • Floor Cotton Mop Head Absorbs Up to 3x It's Weight in Water
  • Easy Twist Ringing Action Rings Clean
  • Hands Stay Dry
  • Rinse After Use and Suspend to Air Dry
  • Before First Use Soak Mop Head in Warm Water for a Few Minutes to Open Cotton Pores
  • Has swivel cap tip with hole for easy storage
  • Has a Strong but lightweight metal 48" long handle to last 
  • Use to clean on all hard floor surfaces
  • 5 Year Guarantee - Against Defects in Material and Workmanship
  • Need a Refill? See Lola® Item# 2061
Note:  Before using for first time, soak mop head for 5 minutes. This will open the cotton pores for maximum absorbency. Scrubber Tip is made of mildly abrasive material, test on small area  to determine suitability. DO NOT MACHINE WASH.
To Mop: Push wringer handle down, twist handle to spread mop head. 
To Rinse: Pull Wringer handle back up, twist wringer counter-clockwise to wring out excess water   
Replacing Refill:  Unscrew by turning handle counter-clockwise at top connector until completely loosened. Slide off mop head and wringer handle, discard. *Wear protective work gloves before changing refill. Slide mop handle through wringer handle and through middle of the cotton mop head and into the connector at the top of floor mop head. Screw handle into connector turning clockwise to tighten.
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