Wowables "Swedish Dish Cloths" on a Roll, Reusable & Biodegradable Paper Towels | Ultra Absorbent, Multipurpose Cleaning Cloths - Dishwasher and Machine Washable | 30 Sheets Per Roll - 4 PACK


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Purchase the Wowables® 4 pack and save BIG! Each 4 pack comes with a roll in each color - teal, coral, violet, and yellow!

Food Contact Safe - 3rd Party, Independent Lab Verified  

Wowables® use natural pigmentation dyes and the process to color the fabric is a proprietary process that allows maximum color saturation, all certified to meet international Oeko-Tex Standard 100, no harmful ingredients added.


See how Wowables® are making a difference with sustainability through innovation in the manufacturing process here

This purchase is a smart choice. It shows your support for a more sustainable environment and your interest in a better tomorrow.

Wowables® are the world's absolute best reusable paper towels. Wowables® biodegrade and compost. This is a big deal for the paper towel market and sustainability. Regular bleached white paper towels (95% of the market) do not biodegrade because of the bleach and do not be fooled by BAMBOO. Bamboo by itself is eco-friendly, but the process to make it into a towel contains viscose, a non- natural solution that prohibits bamboo towels of any kind to biodegrade or compost.  

One 30 count roll of Wowables® can last 2.5 years for the average family of paper towels users. Do the math compared to how much you spend on disposable one time use paper towels. A Wowables® roll was designed to fit on your existing paper towel holder. You can also use and reuse a damp Wowables sheet on your Swiffer* Mop and save even more money not having to constantly buy those refills. Wowables are so easy to use and re-use, just rinse off with plain water and its ready to go immediately. Dish cloths and Rags need to be washed with soap in between each use - that's not convenient. Plus dish cloths and rags don't biodegrade either.    

    Made with Dry-Tek technology - Our fast drying technology which prevents the growth of odor causing bacteria.


Our manufacturing plant also captures, cleans and reuses its own water supply

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