500 Brushes Blue Cleanser Tablets, 9 Count Refills, Items #3309


SKU: 3309



Package contains 9 Blue Cleanser Tablets

TOILET CLEANING SYSTEM: The Blue Cleanser Tablet, which can last 2 plus months, is placed right into the brush head, is activated by water, releasing cleanser as you brush - all in ONE-STEP - NO MORE BOTTLES OF LIQUID CLEANER NEEDED OR JUST MOVING DIRTY WATER AROUND. 

BLUE CLEANSER TABLETIncludes bleach and is released directly from the brush head keeping your bowl clean, sanitary and odor free. Cleanser cleans, sanitizes, and removes rust as well as calcium deposits with ease. Compare this to all the Liquid Toilet Cleaner you go through, or 1x time use soap filled wand heads and the $$ Savings is significant. 

BRUSH HEAD HAS ANTI-MICROBIAL TREATED NYLON BRISTLES THAT RESIST ODOR - It is durable and long lasting, as opposed to poor performing silicone, basic plastic bristles or 1x use only disposable wand heads. The Brush Head can be replaced as needed while you keep the Comfort Rubber Grip Handle ➤ With 500 Brushes you are assured, “A Fresh Clean with Every Brush”. BRUSH HEAD Inhibits the growth of odor-causing bacteria so you never put a dirty brush back into the Caddy.

REPLACEABLE BRUSH HEAD: Timing is based on individual judgement, some will change it every few months, other will wait years, but you have the option - all while keeping the handle.

"TOUCH-LESS" CHANGING SYSTEM: When adding a new cleanser tablet or replacing the brush head, our design is engineered to keep your hands off the old brush head.

500 BRUSHES IS MORE ECO-FRIENDLY - With Traditional brushes the handle & brush head are disposed of together & you need liquid cleaner which runs out very fast. Newer soap filled wand heads are only 1x use - filling our landfills very quickly. With 500 Brushes - the cleanser tablet and brush head each last a long time – reducing waste

Please Read Blue Cleanser Hazard Statement here