Lola Products has limited warranty of 5 years on all its products!
Lola Products has 100% money back guarantee of 30 days on all of its products!

If a consumer contacts Lola with a complaint about a product for a valid reason, we will replace the item at no additional charge. At Lola's discretion, a UPS call tag may have to be issued and the product(s) may have to be returned before it is replaced.

If a consumer purchases a product, he/she can return that product for any reason for a full refund within 30 days from the date of purchase. All they have to do is to place the entire item in a shippable envelope or carton, supply us with an address to pick up the package, and we will send a UPS call tag to pick it up. They must include the original receipt, the reason they are returning the product, and specify return or replacement. Someone must be present to relinquish the package for the next 1-7 business days. If there is no one present, we will make 2 more attempts to pick up the carton. If, after that time, UPS is not able to pick up the carton, we will not make another attempt to perform a pick up!

If a consumer claims to have a defect in the product and wants a refund, we will review the defect once we receive it back.
We do not refund money for typical normal wear and tear or breakages from overly rough or excessive use!

If you have an issue with one of our products, give us a call and rest assured we will take care of you.

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