Ed Spitaletta
Larry Lewis and Edward Spitaletta circa 1970.
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It all started in 1968 when a salesman went into a New York City store called Pottery of all Nations trying to sell the owners wooden kitchen brushes from West Germany. The owners liked the brushes and the salesman, so they bought a few dozen to put into their store to see if they would sell. Well, their shoppers loved the unique wooden kitchen brushes so much that they sold out in a matter of a few days. This was a surprise to both the owners and the salesman, so they ordered more brushes and they sold out again! They had a hard time keeping the brushes in stock, so in order to get a steady supply, they decided to import them directly from the factory in West Germany. In 1969 the Lola Brush Corporation was formed by Larry Lewis and Jim Berger. Wanting to build on the initial success of the "Lola Brush" and distribute them to stores throughout the United States, they teamed up with Edward D. Spitaletta, a long time friend and successful Housewares Executive. It wasn't long that the "Lola brush" was being sold throughout the United States.

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Ed utilized his industry knowledge and sales and marketing background to develop other unique, time saving cleaning products. By the late 1970's, Lola was distributing dozens of unique scrubbing and scouring cleaning products throughout the United States, so the company name was changed to Lola Products Corporation. Lola Products instantly became the market leader in cleaning brushes, scrubbers and scourers selling to wholesalers and retailers throughout the United States. It was Lola's innovative spirit and knack for creating new and unique items that allowed them to be one step ahead of the competition. Many of the scrubbing and scouring items that exist today were developed by Lola in its early years.

It was 2001 and after a long, successful career, Larry Lewis, the remaining founder was looking to retire. He decided to sell the company to his longtime friend and associate Ed Spitaletta. There were many challenges that lie ahead as the market changed and Lola had fallen a step behind the competition. Ed knew that in order to compete, Lola had to expand its product line to include mops and brooms, so in January 2004, Lola introduced a complete line of stick goods and an innovative rack display system. Lola was now able to offer its customers a full line of products to meet all consumer cleaning needs. Lola didn't stop there and continued to develop other unique products with the introduction in 2004 of the Lola Rola Sticky Mop, which brought a new way to pick up pet hair, lint and other debris from carpets and other hardwood floor surfaces. In 2007, the "Lola Pro" line of commercial quality stick goods was introduced which included the US Patent issued Amazin Scrubber Mop. In 2009, Lola introduced the "Eco Clean" line of environmentally friendly bamboo kitchen and bath brushes.

Today Lola Products is a family owned company that prides itself on offering value priced quality products for just about every cleaning chore around the house. The next generation is looking towards the future and will continue to develop new, innovative and exciting solutions for cleaning. We know that today's consumer wants more than a quality product-they also want a value. We hope that "You'll Love to Clean with Lola" as much as we do.

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